Modernity is the embodiment of NOMIS.

All our jewelry pieces are crafted individually with the vision in mind of the fast-evolving world of nowadays. Our designs and off-beat styles are constantly in flux and in sync with the surrounding changes and have an unmistakable contemporary identity.


We strive to catch up with the multi-functional veer. Each ring, bangle, pendant, and necklace in our collections is convertible: in a whiz, earring can be transformed into a pendant, bracelet into a choker and there are plenty of other variations that allow combining different parts in solid gold or lab diamonds encrusted gold with a variety of golden counterparts, and all in different colors. That might blow your mind and allow you to express the mood of the day and your individuality with no effort.

We invite our customers to be creative, experimental and voice their personality by enhancing their character and beauty. We are trying to create a powerful link between fantasy, reality and desire.

Brand creator Alyona Kiperman aims to make artisanal designer jewelry that is not only beautiful but is empowering, spectacular and striking. Therefore, NOMIS designs capture something far more profound than meets the eye. Transformable. Elegant and soulful. Light and simple. Sincere. Joyful.

When high jewels are created, there are certain expectations of how and where they should be worn. But doesn’t the joy of high jewelry come from discovering the unexpected and witnessing innovative techniques and ideas, diversity of colors, shapes, and functions that revamp existing stereotypes? That is NOMIS core approach to redefining jewelry.

We think about this every day when we discuss our brand’s future and the role we hope to play in our customers' lives.